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6 Reasons Why Niche Job Boards Are Incredible

Why Should You Use A Niche Job Board?

Geospatial Jobs is a niche jobs board, visited by geospatial professionals, who are looking for the next step in their career. 

You might be wondering – Why should I use a niche job board? Surely a large generic job website is the best place to advertise my vacancy?

Short Answer – No

Now I appreciate this answer may be biased, however here are 6 very compelling reasons why niche job boards such as Geospatial Jobs, are the best way to find the right person for your company.

1. Save Time (Quality Over Quantity)

The largest generic jobs websites receive millions of visitors. Your job will no doubt be seen by a lot of people and receive a lot of applications.  What’s wrong with that?

As  larger websites are visited by people of all professions and backgrounds, you may well  receive a lot of irrelevant or unqualified applications. You can end up looking for a needle in a haystack of resumes. Your time is valuable and I’m sure there are better things you can be doing for your business than reading CV after CV after CV.

Whilst Geospatial Jobs receives fewer visitors the people coming here are interested in the Geospatial sector. They are most likely the type of person you are looking for and they can’t wait to hear about the job opening at your company.

Less is more – receive applications from people who are genuinely interested in working in the geospatial sector and save time.

Less Is More Save Time And Use A Niche Job Board

2. Incredible Value

The value offered by Geospatial Jobs really is amazing. To start with you can post a job for free – no strings attached. Compare this with advertising your job on certain generic job websites, which can cost over £100 to post a single job.

We place purpose before profit. We genuinely want to help grow the geospatial sector and help people to find work which they love – not try and maximise our profits.

Furthermore our Featured and Premium job listings offer some outstanding features:

  • Job advertised around the website and featured on our social media and email.
  • We will write an article about your company.
  • We provide a 1-2-1 phone call to help you write the perfect job advert.

Purpose Before Profit

3. Personal

Sometimes you just need to get in touch with a human. That’s why I give you my email when you post a job. There’s no need to talk to a chat-bot or go through a call centre, you just get straight through to me and I can most of the time help you out there and then.

If you are wondering which package is best for your company or having trouble with any aspect of the process just get in touch:

Learn more about the founder of Geospatial Jobs on our about page.

James Gibbs Founder Of Geospatial Jobs Here To Help

4. Shared On Our Social Media

We have hundreds of geospatial professionals following our social media. When you post a Featured or Premium job with us we will post your job on our social media accounts – now how many large job boards do that? 

In addition we also have a growing email list of people who are dying to hear about your next job opening. All jobs posted to our site are emailed to them.

We share job posts on our social media

5. 1-2-1 Guidance On How To Write A Great Job Post

Wondering how to make your job post stand out? How can you attract more of the right candidates? What makes a post rank higher in Google?

We can help you answer these questions and write a great job description. When you choose our Premium package, we will schedule a 15 minute call to go through this with you and help you attract the right people to apply for your opening.

Free Phone Call To Help You Write The Perfect Job Description

6. Have An Article Written About Your Company

Get our Premium plan and we will write an article about your company. This might include your company’s history, some of your case studies and what it is like to work there – really it’s up to you! We will then share this article on our social media and with our mailing list.

This is a great way to not only raise the profile of your company but also give candidates a glimpse of what it is like to work there, meaning that you will get more people interested in joining.

We write an article about your company

Get Started

The value offered by Geospatial Jobs really is remarkable. If you want to get in touch to learn more please get in touch it would be great to hear from you:

Ready to post your next job? Get started for free.

Learn More

Here is an article by RICS as to why you should use niche job boards RICS: Why You Should Use Niche Job Boards

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