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6 Reasons Why Niche Job Boards Are Incredible

Geospatial Jobs is a niche jobs board, visited by hundreds of Geospatial professionals each month, who are looking for the next step in their career. 

You might be wondering – Why should I use a niche job board? Surely a large generic job website is the best place to advertise my vacancy?

Short Answer – No

Now I appreciate this answer may be biased, however here are 6 very compelling reasons why niche job boards such as Geospatial Jobs, are the best way to find the right person for your company.

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5 Geospatial Experts Give Their Advice For Starting A Great Career

5 Geospatial Experts Give Their Advice For Starting A Great Career

Starting out in your career is both one of the most exciting and uncertain times in your life. You are finally leaving the familiar ground of school or university and stepping into the real world. At the same time, you may feel unsure as to how to give your career the best start. What skills are useful to develop? Are you in the right job? How can you get ahead?

These questions are true for most graduates, especially those in the geospatial sector who have such a wide range of career paths and industries available to them.

I want to help you answer some of these questions and get your career off to the great start. So I asked 5 experts across the geospatial sector the same question. What Advice Would You Give To Someone Starting A Geospatial Career? They work at some of the most prestigious geospatial companies and organisations and are well placed to perceive what will be important in the future of the geospatial industry.

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A Church Captured Using Photogrammetry From Drone Images

Drones In Surveying – James Pick

James Pick is the leading drone surveying expert at COPTRZ. He provides companies of all scales with the training, equipment and support needed to integrate drones into their surveying workflow. This includes providing CAA approved pilot training, offering a range of drones and sensors such as DJI, Wingtra, LiDAR and Phase One cameras, and giving training in software such as Pix4D. We were fortunate enough to have a conversation with him about his career and his thoughts on the use of drones in surveying.

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